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Dissecting the craft of writing picture books

Picture Book types 

  • High-concept Books link
  • Historical fiction picture books link
  • Concept Books for cultural & Social topics link

Narrative Structure 


  • Character types
    • Adult character in picture books (coming soon)
    • Ensemble cast link
  • Character Arc:
    • What is a Character Arc? link
    • Dynamic  Arc 
      • Positive-change Arc & Negative-change Arc link
      • Flat-arc Character link

Art of storytelling

Picture Book Biography 

  • Introduction link
  • Narrative Structure in biographies link
  • Antagonist & Tension (coming soon)
  • Timeframe link
  • Point Of View link
  • Infodump (coming soon)

Tough Topics

  • Incarceration link

Dissecting your Picture Book Manuscript


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