SEL; Self-management in pictue books


What is Self-management?

According to CASEL 5, self-management defines as:

The abilities to manage one’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviors effectively in different situations and to achieve goals and aspirations. This includes the capacity to delay gratification, manage stress, and feel motivation and agency to accomplish personal and collective goals.


Which topics do belong to Self-management?

Here are the topics that CASEL 5 introduced in the category of self-management: 

  1. Managing one’s emotions (Emotion regulation)
  2. Impulse control
  3. Stress management
  4. Self-discipline and motivation
  5. Perseverance
  6. Goal-setting
  7. Organizational skills
  8. Initiative and agency

Let’s review them one by one and look at some picture books in each category.

Managing one’s emotions (Emotion regulation)




Impulse control


Stress management


Self-discipline and motivation



Raja's pet camel



Moves a mountain



Organizational skills


Initiative and agency


The next blog post on the series of SEL is about picture books published on the third component of SEL; social awareness. 


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