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Writing a book is one skill. Pitching is another skill.  Previously, we looked at two main components of a query letter; Logline and comp titles. In this blog post, you will read the pitches authors used to sell the manuscripts we see now as picture books. 

I would love to take the chance and thank friends who kindly shared their pitches with me. I hope analyzing these pitches helps you in forging the best pitch you can. For me, pondering on these pitches was a fruitful learning process.

This blog post includes only pitches of quiet picture books (read about quiet picture books in this blog post). More pitches of picture books are here and here

The list is ordered alphabetically based on the book titles. 



With this pitch, Lisa published her manuscript with Sourcebooks Explore. She pitched the manuscript with a different title—SCARED SILLY. But once it was acquired the title changed.

It will be OK

In SCARED SILLY, Giraffe sees a spider and climbs a tree to hide. When his friend Zebra spots him, he listens as Giraffe talks about his fears. Little by little, Giraffe works on building up his bravery, which just might come in handy during a surprising situation. This 350-word story about friendship and sharing your feelings will appeal to children ages 4 – 6 who enjoyed THE RABBIT LISTENED and SHY.


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