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How do you organize the list of the books you read? Excel sheets or Evernote? First, you need to copy and paste many details of each book from a website like amazon—Author, illustrator, publication year, recommended age, number of pages, etc. Still, the problem is neither Excel nor Evernote (and similar software) meant to be a database and, therefore, cannot search among the tags quickly.

While searching for a free solution, I came across Libib; a free App for up to 5000 books.

You just need to insert the ISBN in the search box and the App finds the book, along with all details.

Add a book to Libib

The biggest advantage is Tags. After finding the book, on the menu bar on the right, click on the second item from the top—a little tag paper. Then you can assign as many tags as you want to this book. Tags should be separated with a comma. Press Enter and done.

When you need to search in your library, after login, on the search box at the top of the page, type

tags: World War II

Enter as many as tags you want, separated with a comma.

search in Libib


So far, I found this App very helpful and wanted to share this experience with you.

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