The lists below are my learning resources.

  1. Writing Craft
    • Plot
      • The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers by Christopher Vogler, is the book worth myriad re-reading.
      • Plot Gardening, write faster, write smarter by Chris Fox, is a good introduction on learning the meaning of the plot. 
    • Character 
        • Creating Character Arcs by K.M.Weiland.
    • Setting
    • Theme
      • Writing your story’s theme by K.M.Weiland
    • Point of View
      • Point of View: how to use the different POV types. by Sandra Gerth
      • Rivet your Readers with Deep Point of View. by Jill Elizabeth Nelson
    • Show, do not Tell. 
      • Show, Don’t Tell: How to write vivid descriptions, handle backstory, and describe your character’s emotions.  by Sandra Gerth, is the best book on I found on the advice most authors give but no one says how!
  2. Children Literature
    • Picture Book
      • Writing picture books  (2018) by Ann Whitford Paul, is the best resource on this subject I found so far.
  3. Business of Publishing  
    1. Closing the deal … on your Terms by  Kristine Kathryn Rusch, read it before sign any kind of contract. 
    2. Creating Your Author Brand by Kristine Kathryn Rusch is a must-read before any marketing activity.


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