Work for Hire

Freelance writing; work for hire on fiction and non-fiction projects

My short resume:

  • Ph.D. in astrophysics
  • Work experience as a data scientist
  • High school physics and math teaching experience
  • Born and raised in Iran

Please consider my full resume.

Topics of interest

I am delighted to collaborate with you on educational market projects on the following subjects: 

  1. STEM
    • Physics, Astronomy & Cosmology
    • Space science
    • Mathematics \& Engineering
  2. Computer programming & Information technology
  3. Social studies
    • Biography
    • Culture & Cuisine & History & Festivals
    • Women’s history/studies
  4. Climate change & Environmentalism
  5. Translation & Proofreading Farsi (Persian)


Writing samples

  1. James Webb Space Telescope PDF file
  2. Nowruz; Iranian New Year PDF file


Looking forward to receiving a message from you.