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Board Books

1- Nowruz

Picture Book fiction

  1. To celebrate her first Iranian New Year abroad, a six-year-old girl needs help, which only her native neighbor can do; the same person she dislikes a lot. The 750-word SARAH’S SPROUT is about self-awareness and examining bias.
  2. A six-year-old second-generation Iranian looked forward to his first-ever trip to Iran. Soon he learns he had underestimated the language barrier. During the Iranian celebration of the longest night of the year, he learns that communication is not only verbal. THE LONGEST NIGHT is a 600-word manuscript.
  3. The new student is a mystery; he is friendly and generous but he avoids speaking about himself and his homeland. With help of another student, the teacher aims to help him out. VALLEY IN YOUR HEART, a 750-word manuscript, is a story within the story. The embedded story is the true story of the last native speaker of an endangered language who spend seven years making a dictionary of her mother tongue.
  4. Students in a village in Western Iran brainstorm to find a unique gift for their beloved teacher who is about to leave for maternity leave. However, the meager incomes of their parents make their dream impossible. Their only option is to work together on the suggestion of their shiest classmate. The 750-word A GIFT FROM THEM ALL manuscript is about Gabbeh—a type of Iranian carpet.

Middle-grade  non-fiction

  1. JWST
  2. Cunieform


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