Math Storytelling

What is math storytelling?

Math storytelling refers to stories that familiarize children with math in a fun way.

There is a difference between math concept books that teach math and this category. Concept books are not stories and have no Narrative Structure. Whereas in this category, narration plays the key role. This means these books need to have at least the basic elements of the Narrative Structure (an Inciting Event, Climax, and Resolution).

Don’t confuse these books with biographies of mathematicians. As we go through examples, this difference becomes more obvious. 

Believe it or not, in the USA, a day is designated for math storytelling: September 25 is national math storytelling day (reference).

Math Storytelling Series

  • Mouse Math Series (link to the publisher’s website): The main character of this series is a mouse, called Albert. He and his big sister, Wanda, go on adventures. The target audience is younger readers who start learning very basic math. For example, ALBERT’S BIGGER THAN BIG IDEA teaches comparison of size—big, bigger, the biggest. Or, the story of MICE ON ICE teaches basic shapes—triangle, square and rectangular. And, ALBERT DOUBLES THE FUN is about sum.


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