Concept Books

A concept book, as the name indicates, introduces a basic idea or a concept to the readers. The Alphabet, shapes, colors, telling time and counting are the classical subjects of the concept books for toddlers and pre-kindergarten children.  However, concept books can introduce a complicated topic to elder readers (4+) which I discussed in this blog post.

This blog post is about concept books that are very creative.


Counting Books

  • On the launch pad (2004) by Michael Dahl, and Derrick Alderman and Denise Shea (two Illustrators) is a count-down book starting from 12. Each spread shows on the jobs or things about launching a rocket. Number 0 is blast off! 

On the launch PAD




Alphabet book

  • Bear Is Awake!: An Alphabet Story (2019) by Hannah E. Harrison, as the title says, is not only an alphabet book but also it tells the story of a bear who wakes up and goes to a village and befriends a girl.

Bear is Awake!

  • The ABCs of Black History (2020) by Rio Cortez and Lauren Semmer

The ABC of black history

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